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First MCO coordinates multi-line Independent Medical Evaluations, Peer Review, and Diagnostic Evaluations. Our Independent Medical Evaluations provide fair and objective examinations of the individual and clinical records. Our experienced staff reviews the claim referred and selects the proper physicians within our network to evaluate the medical condition and address claim concerns. We will assist in determining appropriateness of care, whether maximum medical improvement has been achieved, and any other issues requested in the referral.

First MCO Advantage:

  • Exceptional customer service, superior scheduling and prompt report turn-around time
  • Once referral is received, immediate data input into our system
  • Review of medical records by a nurse to assist the referral source in identifying any medical related need
  • Board certified physicians in network specializing in all areas of medicine
  • All physicians are credentialed with licenses and certifications in good standing
  • Reports are reviewed by a nurse for uniformity and any inconsistency while confirming that all issues were addressed
  • Ensure appropriate care

  • Eliminate unnecessary spending

  • Improve reporting consistency

Submit a Referral:

 Phone: (973) 257-5230

Fax: (973) 257-2283

Scan required documents and email: GRP-IME@firstmco.com

First MCO client representative available to visit your office, photocopy referral and deliver to our office