First MCO’s system developers have designed a customizable system that addresses the needs of both our clients and vendors. Using the latest in web-based technology, we have created a secure, scalable and flexible system of modules that interactively exchange information critical for complex claim handling.

The latest generation of First MCO’s production system includes features such as:

  • Remote office to access system
  • Transactions are performed online and in real-time
  • Automated bill review process with little to no manual intervention required
  • Can accommodate Electronic Billing (837 Format) as well as manual input

Minimal amount of time and effort

– Initial bills scanned/imaged then key punched

– Bills available to user by 7:30am next morning

– Ability to load PPO networks and multiple fees per state (PPO, Medicare, U&C, State Fee Schedule)

– Majority of standard forms and letter are generated from system and sent via email, fax, and/or mail per account preference

– System fee: per bill charge and percentage of savings from UCR, State Fee Schedule or PPO network discount

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