In accordance with NJ Automobile Insurance Cost Reduction Act, Active Care Auto administers their Personal Injury Protection Benefits; Medical Protocols; Diagnostic Tests rules and Decision Point Review Plans on behalf of the following companies.

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Farmers Insurance Rider Insurance Mercer
Cumberland Chubb Farmers Mutual
American European Insurance Group The Hartford Coach USA

New Jersey Department of Banking & Insurance

Notice to Providers treating NJ insured patients injured as a result of an auto accident:

In accordance with Order No.: A04-143, effective October 27, 2004, the Attending Provider Treatment Plan form shall be used by all Providers to submit Decision Point Review and Pre-certification Requests.

To obtain a copy of this form click on the following linkhttp://www.state.nj.us/dobi/orders/treatmentform.pdf.

No other forms for this purpose are permitted.

Visit the NJ Department of Banking & Insurance website at http://www.nj.gov/dobi/aicrapg.htm to obtain a copy of the complete Order No.: A04-143 and other valuable resource materials and information.

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