Return to Work Program

Back to work. Happy and healthy.

A successful return-to-work program benefits both employers and workers. Workers benefit because when return is delayed, workers can lose more than earnings: skills may deteriorate; the job may be filled by a replacement; and future employers may view the worker as a less valuable employee. Employers benefit from a speedy return to work through lower costs and less disruption of the work force.

First MCO case managers will design a customized plan to provide the injured employee with the proper medical attention so that the individual can return to productive employment in a timely manner.

First MCO Advantage:

  • Direct injured worker to a physician familiar with workers’ compensation and the need for early return to work.
  • Immediately implement a return-to-work plan with the treating physician from the very first appointment
  • Case manager advises employer on worker’s capabilities for modified duty
  • Set-up Functional Capacity Evaluations
  • Continual communication with the worker, employer, medical provider and adjuster to ensure that medical treatment is moving as quickly and efficiently as possible
  • Ensure appropriate care

  • Optimize recovery speed

  • Improve overall satisfaction

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