Achieve program success through clinical expertise and geographic coverage.

A successful managed care program is not measured by the quantity of network physicians but by the expertise of the network physicians. Through the creation of our provider pathways, our clients are able to navigate their way from the start of the claim. Having providers who are experienced and affiliated with other First MCO network providers allows for early intervention and deep discounts.

First MCO is one of the only New Jersey PPO Networks that is owner operated. First MCO’s ownership plays a key role in the operations and implementation of the network, ensuring that we are meeting the needs of our clients. One of our main focuses is partnering with medical practitioners who have demonstrated the ability to effectively treat injuries and expedite patient healing.

Our network is continuously expanding. Recruitment of qualified physicians and providers are ongoing. We are able to provide numerous choices for all specialties and continue to recruit providers with regards to geographic needs, specialist coverage needs and client’s nominations.

First MCO Advantage:

  • Access to thousands of medical and hospital providers that are directly contracted at pre-negotiated rates
  • Diagnostic and Physical therapy networks
  • WebMCO internet medical provider look up
  • Providers who are are credentialed/re-credentialed every 2 years
  • Quality assurance
  • Negotiation and Utilization Management
  • EDI capabilities
  • Significant provider savings
  • Panel Development

Join our Network:

Thank you for your interest in joining First MCO’s preferred provider network. Please print and fill out the below form. You can email, fax or mail it to us. Information is on the form. A First MCO representative will contact you to discuss the qualifications required to become part of our network.

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Nominate a Provider:

First MCO actively recruits new healthcare professionals to join our preferred provider networks. While we cannot guarantee that every provider nomination will be accepted, we appreciate your time in submitting this nomination.

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Provider Resources:

Provider Facility Manual

Treatment Plan Form

  • Maximize network compliance

  • Maximize discounts

  • Expedite patient healing

  • Improve overall satisfaction

Submit a Referral:

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