In 1979, First MCO began Providing Services to the insurance industry to manage the growing complexity of utilization of care and costs associated with workers’ compensation and auto claims.

We became a licensed managed care organization in 1993 for the state of New Jersey. We continue to work with insurance companies, self-insurers, third party administrators and insurance funds to provide comprehensive medical management and cost containment services for workers’ compensation. Our programs include assessment of all

patients to coordinate the most appropriate medical treatment enabling us to reduce inefciencies, optimize care plans and improve nancial management.

Our skilled medical team and professional staff will deliver optimal case management, utilization management, bill review and network access. At First MCO, we promote positive outcomes which control costs for every person and organization we serve. We do this by bringing together the technology, intelligence and human touch to the challenges of the workers’ compensation, auto insurance and group health marketplaces.

Leadership Team

Bruce Nash, President & Chief Operations Officer


Mr. Nash has been with First MCO since the year 2000. Before becoming President, Mr. Nash served as our Vice President of Operations as well as Chief Information Officer.

Prior to First MCO, Mr. Nash worked with The Robert Plan Corporation, an AIG affiliate, for nine years. For six of those he was the Senior Vice President of MIS/Technology. His focus was developing new technology in cost containment and telecommunications. In more than 30 years as a senior leader in technology, he’s proven to be a forward thinker that always seeks to stay ahead of change. His foresight not only keeps First MCO ahead of industry trends but has also made FMCO better prepared to manage catastrophic situations and natural disasters, including the 2020 global pandemic.

In 2018 FMCO invested heavily in bolstering disaster recovery measures and improving data security enhancements. We migrated to a hybrid cloud network providing the ability to work remotely and to offer split shifts for staff. In 2019, we completed Phase II of the Disaster Recovery and Soft IP phone deployment to enhance user mobility and unified communication platforms.

This decision proved invaluable when just one year later COVID 19 shut down offices and stalled productivity nationwide. By contrast, FMCO transitioned its entire user population to a remote workforce within 24 hours, with 0% service disruption. Our on-going technological advancements are a direct result of his drive toward innovation and continued optimization.

Mr. Nash Attended DePaul University in Chicago, Illinois.

Ting-Tang Wu, Chief Information Officer


Mr. Wu joined First MCO in 2002 and has more than 30 years’ experience driving technology solutions. He is incredibly adept at identifying and analyzing complex problems and engineering appropriate solutions. This adaptability is part of what makes FMCO stand out.

Throughout the last fifteen years, Mr. Wu’s impressive analytical skill set has not only been vital to the fortification and enrichment of our platform’s development, but it has also been instrumental to the company’s growth as well. His strides in office automation and process performance measurement have increased productivity and made our operations even more efficient.

Through his leadership, our claims management platform WebMCO has grown more versatile, more robust, and more responsive to our client’s changing needs. Mr. Wu is well- suited as an architect in our mission to deliver powerful, secure technology. that allows us to maximize our expertise and do our best work.

Prior to his role as CIO, Mr. Wu was a Senior Programmer and Database Analyst. His primary responsibilities were overseeing the technical direction for projects within Fortune 500 companies. Mr. Wu was with Quadris Consulting, Inc. for ten years prior to the company merging with Agency.com.

Mr. Wu earned a MS in Computer Science from Monmouth University in New Jersey.

Henry Yiin, Chief Information Security Officer, CISSP, CISA


Mr. Yiin joined First MCO in April of 2018, bringing with him over 25 years of experience in Information Technology and Data Security. As the Chief Information Security Officer, he is responsible for providing security advisory; assessing business cases, IT strategy roadmaps,

and high-level architecture; and reviewing application and system design with reference to security and compliance implications.

Mr. Yiin is a staunch Information Security advocate that maintains stringent data security policies and protocols. He has developed enterprise-wide security programs that empowers each and every user to help preserve and protect the rm’s information assets. He was also influential in First MCO attaining its ISO 27001 and FedRamp certifications.

Prior to First MCO, Mr. Yiin worked as a senior consultant for an international engineering company and provided critical IT solutions to a variety of clients in research laboratories, higher education, and global financial business sectors.

Mr. Yiin earned his Master of Computer Science from Queens College, CUNY; and has his CISSP and CISA Certifications. He is a member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), the International Information System Security Certification Consortium (ISC2) and the Information Systems Audit and Control Association (ISACA).

Kelly Royce, Senior Vice President Case Management, RN, CCM


Ms. Royce has been with First MCO since 2003. Prior to her role as Senior Vice President, Ms. Royce held several positions at First MCO including Assistant Vice President of Managed Care Operations where her role eventually expanded to include overseeing our Pennsylvania offices. She currently runs Operations for both the Workers’ Compensation and Auto Injury Case Management business lines.

Ms. Royce embodies our mission to be attentive and responsive to client needs. In each role, at every level for the last eighteen years, Ms. Royce has cultivated strong relationships with clients by learning their businesses and gaining insight on how to serve them best. Coupled with her drive and her industry knowledge, this has made her the ideal liaison between Operations and client contacts.

Her natural ability to recognize and respond to clients has resulted in exceptional client experiences and increased client confidence. It has also allowed her to play a key role in business development and product expansion. Ms. Royce also actively sought URAC

accreditation, who’s patient-centric values of integrated care align with FMCO’s mission and performance quality.

Prior to First MCO, Ms. Royce worked as a staff nurse for Valley Hospital in Ridgewood, New Jersey. Ms.Royce earned her Nursing Degree from Felician College and has her CCM Certification. She is also a member of the American Academy of Workers’ Compensation Physicians and Case Management Society of America, NJ Self Insured.

Linda Woods, Vice President Bill Review Operations, RN, CCM


Ms. Woods joined First MCO in 2007 as a Case Manager in our Auto Injury Management Department. She then moved on to supervise teams across multiple departments. Before long, her highly organized and process-oriented nature led her to Information Systems. Her varied experience and deep understanding of Operations served her well and led to her becoming Director and ultimately Vice President, of Bill Review Operations. It also taught her the benefit of cross functional teams when optimizing operations and removing barriers to superior service.

Ms. Woods has led several such cross functional teams during recent initiatives. She fully integrated our mailroom with our Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) billing. She also led the efforts during the redesign of our new repricing engine. This latest upgrade has increased capacity and makes First MCO even more formidable in the intermediary repricing arena. She continues to refine internal policies and procedures to optimize business processes and enhance automation, making us a stronger contender across the board.

Prior to First MCO, Ms. Woods was a Registered Nurse in Critical Care, Maternity and Neonatal Intensive Care. Ms. Woods’ experience also includes Legal Nurse Consulting, Home Health and Hospice Care.

Ms. Woods earned her Nursing Degree from County College of Morris and has her CCM Certification.

Magdalena Wach, CMA – VP Finance

Ms. Wach joined First MCO in 2003. As Vice President of Finance with over ten years of experience in insurance and managed care corporate nances, Ms. Wach oversees and manages the accounting and operational areas of the Finance Department.

Prior to First MCO, Ms. Wach worked for a non-profit organization as a Project and Foreign Relations Coordinator. She was responsible for submitting bids for grants and pre-accession funds to various agencies, including the European Commission and the World Bank. Ms. Wach’s experience also includes cost and variance analysis, project budgeting, and reporting.

Ms. Wach earned her degree abroad at UMCS University. She holds the US equivalent of a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with majors in Economics and Marketing, and a Master’s degree in Business Administration.

Ms. Wach is a member of the Morris-Essex Chapter of the Institute of Management Accountants, and the Healthcare Financial Management Association.

Ms. Wach is a Certified Management Accountant (CMA).

Joshshina A. McGlotten – Director, Marketing & Business Development, Senior Business Analyst

Ms. McGlotten joined First MCO in 2017. She has more than 22 years of experience in business analysis, corporate nance, project and program management, sales, and marketing. She works closely with Business Leaders to ensure that business processes and supporting systems continue to meet the needs of our business. Her role is to drive business intelligence and translate business needs into clearly defined requirements.

Prior to joining First MCO, Ms. McGlotten provided strategic business analysis services for many companies and non-profits, spanning across multiple industries. She spent the majority of her corporate career as a Business Analyst and Program Management Director for several Fortune 100 companies in banking, nance and insurance.

Ms. McGlotten holds a bachelor’s degree from Montclair State University. In her free time, she runs a small non-profit organization working toward community advancement and eliminating the US poverty gap. Ms. McGlotten is also an alumnus of Leadership Newark.

Debora Alvine, Director, National Network Development & Operations


Ms. Alvine has been with First MCO since the year 2000. As Director of Network Development Operations, she is responsible for building and implementing development strategies, overseeing provider relations, and ensuring that providers are properly credentialed and sufficiently qualified.

Prior to becoming Director of National Network Development, Ms. Alvine performed multiple roles, most recently, Senior Manager of Bill Review Operations. Ms. Alvine spent decades working closely with providers and is leveraging these long-standing relationships to change the conversation on Network Development. As someone who spent so much of her career besting the challenges and complexities of Medical Bill Review, she’s using that experience and acumen to translate those challenges into more nuanced opportunities.

As Director, Ms. Alvine is keenly focused on data integrity and driving business intelligence. She has catalyzed a number of exciting new initiatives at First MCO. All of which serve to strengthen our power to negotiate and expand our networks; thus, making us more responsive, adaptive and versatile amid sudden economic changes and pricing model ux.

Ms. Alvine’s is a Member of American Association of Payers, Administrators and Networks (AAPAN) and the American Academy of Professional Coders. She is also certified in both CPT and ICD-9/10.

Mary Bresadola, RN, BSN, CCM – Director Case Management Operations

Ms. Bresadola has been with First MCO since 2002. Prior to her role as Director, Ms. Bresadola worked as a Nurse Case Manager. Ms. Bresadola oversees the Nurse Case

Managers and support staff of the Workers’ Compensation, Auto Pre-cert and IME Departments.

Prior to First MCO, Ms. Bresadola worked as a Charge Nurse and Director of Nursing at two residential nursing facilities.

Ms. Bresadola earned her BSN at William Paterson College in Wayne New Jersey, and has her CCM Certification.