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Work-related accidents have their own unique managed care problems and one accident can affect the financial success of a business. Workers' compensation costs are often high because the injury process is not closely managed; therefore, there are too many claims lasting too long. With a properly utilized managed care organization, medical costs can be controlled.

First MCO has been a provider of medical case management and cost containment services to injured workers within the insurance industry, for over three decades. Our services can reduce workers’ compensation costs while ensuring that injured workers receive expeditious, superior care from well-qualified providers.

Whether you need a comprehensive workers’ comp program, or unbundled cost containment service, such as medical bill review, First MCO will customize a program to meet your needs. We provide First Report of Injury Reporting, Medical Triage, Medical Case Management, PPO Access, Negotiation and Bill Review Services. Our dedicated and experienced staff will leverage their strong industry knowledge and solid vendor/provider relationships to help clients realize significant savings. Our clients’ needs drive our business.

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