Our People, Our Practice, Our Providers…the difference between mediocre and outstanding results. First MCO, the single source for all your medical management needs.


Don’t let a work related accident effect your business. With 30 years of experience to back us up, we can reduce your workers’ compensation cost while ensuring quality care to the injured.

Auto Injury

Controlling medical and litigation costs in the auto industry, while maintaining patient and provider satisfaction. We offer the highest level of savings for PIP and Auto Liability Claims.


Thanks to our network of handpicked providers, FirstMCO can provide early intervention and deep discounts for our clients by utilizing services of thousands of medical experts.

Welcome to First MCO

First MCO is a full-service managed care organization providing medical cost containment services for workers’ compensation programs, auto insurers, and group health. With more than 30 years in the industry, we help insurance companies, insurance funds, third-party administrators, and self-insured employers manage their costs, associated with workers’ compensation and other medical claims. Among other things, we offer Case Management, Network Access, Negotiation and Bill Review services. Our medical claims management process is built on and reinforced by the guiding principles of patient welfare, sustainable quality, and active collaboration with our clients and customers.

First MCO distinguishes itself with outstanding customer-driven medical intervention and claims cost savings.  Our long history of successful relationships with the Provider community allows us to provide significant reductions in their claims cost. 



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